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all about eggs...............

    Heres some stuff about eggs ...

  For example , the total consumption of eggs per year in the UK is nearly 10.5 million(BEIS Figures) , well thats 29 million a day !!!
  Eggs are low calorie, and contain vitamins such as vitamin B2 (riboflavin) and vitamin B12. Eggs are a rich source of vitamin D , and contain essential minerals and trace elements. (Phosphorous , Iodine,selenium, iron and zinc.)

So how do we size eggs ?...Well its done by weight ...for example ,

Very Large Eggs = 73 grams & over

Large Eggs = between 63 & 73 grams

Medium Eggs = between 53 & 63 grams

Small Eggs = 53 grams & under.

Did you know ?............................................

~ One medium egg contributes 45 % of the daily amount of protein needed by a toddler and 14 % of the daily amount needed by a woman.

~Sports nutritionist Jane Griffin stated: “Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense foods available on supermarket shelves, giving your body a wealth of vitamins and minerals without a high calorific content. Their satiating quality and in-built portion control make them the obvious choice for anyone wanting to shed a few pounds before baring their body, and with research finally confirming that eggs have a negligible effect on blood cholesterol, you can eat them every day without worry.”

Eggs may be high in protein, but fortunately they are not high in calories, with only around 80 kcals per medium egg. And the latest research shows that they can help you feel fuller for longer, helping to stave off those snack attacks. Two separate studies have found that women who ate an egg-based breakfast consumed less calories throughout the rest of the day and lost more weight than those who were given a breakfast of equal calories that did not contain eggs. If you want to look svelte when you strip off this summer, you can’t ‘beat’ an egg-based breakfast.



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